[Video] Ice Berg – “Live In The Lights”

Video Directed by Matthew Hoyos

  • [..YouTube..] my nigga ice berg heavy smoker real nigga walk fake nigga talk bruh bruh

  • [..YouTube..] dis song live

  • dodo12ct

    dis song live

  • [..YouTube..] i produced this follow me on twitter @sosaonthetrack

  • youngsosa305

    i produced this follow me on twitter @sosaonthetrack

  • [..YouTube..] 2 niggaz is hataz!!! smdh

  • DaTopicTV

    2 niggaz is hataz!!! smdh

  • carl6363

    wat song is dat in da very beginning??

  • 88ecllipse

    I fuks wit billion heavy… dis nigga been on his way for years. he always gonna be on his way cause this nigga ain’t gonna stop

  • YoungKalifa

    @carl6363 – lock this shit down

  • julian12216

    my cuzin look just like berg go to jojo ft ladyred see for ur self

  • S0L0W21

    snapppd! makin it DRIZZLE a lil bit

  • kavaris1340

    “we was skippin are shit nd hittin other schools…..i damn dere fucked around and fucked the substitute…”

  • brecoh1

    This a real nigga

  • ybandz8


  • RipBone12

    Wildbay We Fuck Witch Berg 100….561 In Dis MuhFucka

  • 2muchattitude

    @SigmaTuggish – closer to my dreams

  • s0up3rman

    cincinnati fucks with billion

  • brecoh1

    Hi Im StarPower

  • badceltics2


  • youngsosa305

    i made this beat check my channel for other shit i produced

  • Like23Jordan

    Feelin u bruh out here in Alabama

  • balla2819

    trickdaddy and iceberg need to do a album together

  • kevin jACKSON

    dam berg u da dam truth….swag on a million no gay shit

  • locomulah

    @s0up3rman u rite bru berg go hard

  • zdealersz

    ur dum trickdaddy is a fucking idiot he tried to sign ice berg but he wanted to much money out of ice bergs cut so hes getting signed by mmg becuase trick daddy tried fucking em over.

  • ZC9899

    berg always snappin da truth

  • datritedea1

    ice berg doing it big that’s wassup its been a while


    na nigga rappin everybody tryna find a deal

  • Tyree Bibby

    Whats the song at the end