[Video] Ice Berg – “Ready or Not” Freestyle

Video Directed by Justin Lopez

  • Malario-Ricaldeo Abraham Sarrette

    my fav rapper Ice you need to come to the Bahamas and visit bru and give me a foto shoot

  • Yung KennyG

    fuk yo pie ass bitch 954 ho

  • LoudHeadJ

    Ayye, 561 Palm Beach County.. FLA we vibe to dat Berg down hea nigga! DATT!

  • brian2bern

    Meek millz. Mmg

  • smillinnowcryinlater

    Original is I don’t wanna know by Mario Winans

  • luzpiedad771

    Berg u snap hard on dis shyt old skool shyt

  • forenwriter

    ready or not by the fugees

  • Erick Songe

    berg go hard in da boot the mud fuckin wit ya

  • naomi jones

    FLORIDA nigguahh!!!

  • dadecounty305

    Dade county nigga

  • Christina Jason

    Berg be killing it fa real. ..thats why yall much type itsnonent to listen
    to another dade County soldier by da name of t nice feat ice berg

  • Rem Autar

    Fuck you nigga…i’m in love with the struggle…fuck your jewerly shit

  • Rem Autar

    It aint being about the man, hoe’s are bitchez, feel me, they fuckeverybody
    when they are horny

  • Anita Rivera

    Yo this my song fuck bitch get money smoke all day to i die b side berg i
    have a purple smoke one from a nigga number one fan berg. Keep your head up
    b all the time

  • Donald Graham


  • Malario-Ricaldeo Abraham Sarrette

    i like that i like that strong message

  • DGKewlAid

    berg killt it, i tried to do my remix, and just couldnt do it lol, hard ass

  • SanDelly

    flow sick

  • Shannon Cunningham

    That shit goo hard berg

  • Shaquilla anglin

    They be sleeping on that berg

  • King Guwap

    That was a sick freestyle im making my own soon just need to find the right
    instrumental working on the flow tho